Top 10 Gadgets for Your Home Office

Top 10 Gadgets for the Home Office. Accessories to Help You Stay Focused and Productive If You’re Working From Home · 1. A Bluetooth Keyboard · 2. A Bluetooth Mouse

A Bluetooth Keyboard

Bluetooth keyboards are the way to go. They’re portable and compatible with almost all operating systems, and they make it easy to access your software and communicate with others using text-based communication, such as email and web chat. While Bluetooth keyboards can be a bit on the pricey side, they do come with free adapters and cases that you can purchase from websites such as Amazon or Walmart to protect the keyboard and make it more of a professional appearance.

A Bluetooth mouse is another type of Bluetooth keyboard, designed to be attached to a mouse instead of the keyboard itself. This allows you to use the mouse while typing on the keyboard. A mouse with Bluetooth compatibility and battery power allows you to use it even when the battery runs low.

A Bluetooth Mouse

A little more portable than a USB mouse, a Bluetooth mouse uses Bluetooth to send the cursor to your computer so you can type or browse the web using only one hand. It will work for more than PCs: The Bluetooth mouse will work on Macs and laptops from HP, Toshiba, and Dell, which now offer the option to pair with Macs. The Linksys Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard is available for $29.99 at Best Buy.

Bluetooth keyboards, usually $29.99, are also lightweight and portable. You’ll also find ergonomic keyboards that bend to a 45-degree angle, although many people report that typing on this style of keyboard is uncomfortable. Choose from the following. Microsoft Precision Keyboard for Windows, $79.99 at Microsoft; Price: $39.99 at OfficeMax

OfficeMax SlimDock Bluetooth Keyboard, $49.

A Laptop Stand

This laptop stand, designed to keep your laptop off the table and off your lap, is made from soft acrylic and soft rubber. It has a sturdy plastic base for added stability and comes with a colorful pen holder so you can keep all your business supplies on hand. The stand is not too big to allow you to set your laptop on top and be able to see everything through the lid.

We recommend the Phaeton Laptop Stand for a small laptop

The WrapTop Laptop Stand With Wireless Charging. Why We Like It · Smart wireless charging support (10W charging via a Qi receiver)

Top 10 Gadgets for the Home Office. Accessories to Help You Stay Focused and Productive · 1. Wireless charging dock · 2.

Cable Management Tools

Top 10 Gadgets for the Home Office, Part 1: Anker Wireless Microphone and Headphone Stand More Buying Tips

Happy New Year! As the year draws to a close, it’s time for everyone to take stock and be thankful for everything they have. We don’t think you can have too many things to make your life a little easier and, more importantly, make you more productive. So, we’ve chosen just the 10 gadgets we feel are the best values on the market and give you our top 10 picks for your home office this year.

If you like our list, you can order all 10 from Amazon below. But, because you only have a couple of days left, you should know that the prices listed below are only available until Friday, December 29th at Midnight.

The Ergonomic Mouse

Sometimes the computer mouse just isn’t comfortable. Here’s the alternative: a tablet holder that sits over your lap so you can control the mouse with your arms.

Also, if you want to tuck the tablet away so you don’t distract your coworkers, try one of these accessories:

The Notebook: Make It Portable

Time-sucking digital distractions can get in the way of productivity. Here are a few handy tips on how to block the worst offenders.

Turn the mobile internet off. Texting, email and social media can keep you from getting things done, so turn them off during the workday. If you must use your phone, set a time limit, then notify people if you exceed it. Schedule social media check-ins for certain times of the day. Delete apps that distract you.


The Digital Pen

The Electronic Pen has an unparalleled range, ability to charge and be recharged, and offers wireless data transfer via Bluetooth 2.0. The best part about it, however, is the price. At just $100, you can bring the digital pen on the go! The PS Pen comes with 4 software titles so you can easily carry your pen around with you when you are working.

Monoprice Bluetooth Electronic Pen PC S1 Bluetooth Wireless Stylus PC $99.99 See it on Amazon

There are plenty of inexpensive Bluetooth styluses available online or in stores. However, you can get the best of both worlds with the PS Pen. It connects via Bluetooth so you can easily switch between devices. You can also store up to 4GB of notes on the ePen SD card and 8GB of notes on the ePen M5, making it ideal for pro or college students.

The Ergonomic Monitor Stand

The good folks at recently posted this ergonomic monitor stand for small monitors and notebooks.

“The ergonomic monitor stand is intended to solve the problem of standing at a desk for too long with a laptop or desktop computer…What makes this stand special is that it has a dual mounting system. The bottom mount allows you to secure a small keyboard and mouse with a magnetic and pivoting connection, and the top mount accommodates a higher-spec desktop monitor or notebook.

“Each mounting bracket slides and tucks in-between the black aluminum legs that form the stand’s bottom. The top mount also has built-in caster wheels for adjustable support. If your monitor has a stand, you can attach your keyboard and mouse, while allowing you to leave your monitor on the desk.

Other Gadgets for the Home Office

Other Popular Gadgets You’ll Find Here If you’re still spending time writing your short-form blog posts and editing photos from your laptop or PC, you can use any of the following devices, such as a Raspberry Pi, to turn your computer into a basic Webcam. See our current recommendations for the best Raspberry Pi models.

The tablet PC, the first to offer multitouch screen-reading software, makes working on the go a whole lot more convenient. These lightweight units, designed specifically for enterprises, are available with a variety of Linux OS. Just give your business to this cloud-based system to get a variety of mobile management tools including email management and messaging, document sharing, collaboration, and backup options.

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